.k (goatalicious) wrote,

6 months one post

well what has happened in the past 6 months, im sorta married now which oddly has had little to no effect on dating. came back from mexico. then moved angel to halifax which was the most painfull thing i have ever done. it was movie bad, crying in the car and driving the 20 hours home. a month into her masters i wasnt working out, a combo of a not good program and missing me got her to come home. this is the only time im my life i ever felt love. saddly little mao died at the end of september, he was pretty ill, amazingly he kept me company the month angel was gone and she was back for a week, then he let go. i'll miss that little bunny. well then there was the longer than norma season. coming back from mexico and the east coast i got rather in debt but hiring a b uddy from high school i was able to work enough to pull my self out. then low light got a mad shitty job at a call center, i workered there for like 4 weeks then when the people i slacked off with also quit, i followed suit. after 3 weeks they still call wondering when i'll be in. matt the drummer pulled a drummer and flaked out and quit i quess, kinda g'eh but its for the best i hated the music we were playing. january im taking 3 additional math classes at the university. and i have a federal gov't test in about 2 hours. i'll end up getting the job but then they'll want me to work when i have classes. my guess. finally i think im going to go to the west bank for a few weeks and volunteer to document the occupation. then this year wont seem like life has been paused.
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