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oops i totally fergot i had this

looks like i forgot to sleep again. if you see me at school today thats why im bitchy. kids shows are really bad.. my thesis is going no where an i dont really even care in the least. i have to meet with the career retards at admission to see what the hell they are talking about. I get a letter letting me know if i pass all my classes this term i can graduate from my degree i finished last april i already have a diploma for and they would like me to take a class that is no longer offered and other equally retarded things to finish degree number two.

the band related industry is going well. things are moving at a pretty good clip. a little less pussy that it was but apparently slow=gaze isnt everyones cup of the tea..... its not my cup of soup ( do i like this) .... its no flaming shit filled skull, i want some one to say that to me..

angel is on a mad car hunt, if anyone say the car runs like a top, in the ad that would be good times.

later all
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