.k (goatalicious) wrote,

last exam tonite

this whole summer session thing was way to much.
here is my logic
i take an overloaded schedual during the year and come exam time im so freakin stressed i lose it. So instead of relaxing in the summer why not take half a years course load. the maximium im allowed, and of course in area's im not totally sure about. So at least i can't slack off. Also i should try to work at least 30 hours a week,

i made sense until i had assingments due every monday in one class, tests every friday in another, (and they were during the day, friday = no work) marco theory is done i got a 3.8 in that one, mathmatical economics done 4.0 (im stoked, 2 total mistakes in all the tests) and now in 10 hours i have a micro application final. i took the class pass fail soits a yes or a no, cause im a lazy person, well i forgot to go to the midterm so i have no clue what the tests are like, upside i need 40% on the final to pass, so i think if i study today i can do it, unless the thing is 200 multiple choice questions, plus one right minus one wrong. give me an essay, please

but school is almost done and then i get a little more thsn one month off.
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